Several variants of spectacles with camera offered. Some glasses with camera disguised as sporting sunglasses, others in turn as a serious business glasses. In truth, it is a stealth spy camera, which can also be used as a webcam.

For a spy camera in a pair of glasses

The special thing about these goggles with camera is the attachable accessory – Monitor, which makes it possible to review the material while recording. This is plugged into the left arm of the glasses with a camera and then hangs in front of the left eye, the right has still a clear view forward. In this way it is possible with the glasses with a camera, almost simultaneously to film and to check the picture. Supplied in glasses with a pair of extra lenses and camera cables are included, with which the glasses on a TV – can be connected monitor or computer – equipment, VGA. It is compatible with “Win XP SP 2″ or higher and “MAC OS 10.4″ or higher, can not be used as a webcam on the latter, however.

The decision as to which software will be used to transfer the data from the glasses with camera, is an important criterion when photos or films are intended not only for archiving, but also as a recognized evidence. The data should at least be in a format that is no stranger to the home PC and TV equipment after they have been burned to a CD or DVD.

As you can see is a pair of glasses with a useful Utensiel camera in different situations, whether in leisure or in business.

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